Friday, August 22, 2008

Drexel University Ranked in Top U.S. Universities

As an alumna of Drexel University and a member of the Board of Governors of the Alumni Association (check out our new Web site), I’m extremely happy to share with you that Drexel is now ranked 89th in the category of Best National Universities. This is the University’s highest ranking ever and Drexel’s first appearance in the top 100. Just last year, the university ranked 108.

Our amazing President, Dr. Constantine Papadakis (known to many of us as Taki), announced today that for the first time ever, U.S. News decided to rank the nation’s top “up-and-coming schools.” The schools they selected have demonstrated “the most promising and innovative changes in academics, faculty, students, campus, or facilities.” Only twenty universities in the country made this exclusive list, and Drexel ranked sixth! To make this list, the universities had to have “recently made striking improvements or innovations” and be regarded as “schools everyone should be watching.” The article advises the country, “these colleges may not be at the top of the rankings (yet), but they’re tops for innovation.”

I’m sure the addition of the new Earle Mack School of Law has helped with these rankings.

Papadakis said, “This rise in our national ranking is remarkable. We have gone from the third tier of national universities as recently as 2003 to the top 90. We are now ranked among the best 50 private universities in the country.”Factors that U.S. News notes contributed to our improvement this year include: improved graduation rate performance, smaller classes, and improved test scores for freshmen.

The US News & World Report "Best National Universities Rankings" and the article about Drexel’s selection as an “up-and-coming school” can also be found at and

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