Thursday, August 28, 2008

Rubel’s Rebuttal to Recent PR Industry Blast Quoted by O’Dwyer’s PR Blogger

Jason Calacanis, a new media entrepreneur behind the Silicon Alley Reporter and Weblogs Inc., recently created an uproar in the PR industry with his blog post titled “How To Get PR For Your Startup: Fire Your PR Company.”

Furia Rubel CEO, Gina Rubel, posted a response to Calacanis on both his blog as well as the Furia Rubel Communications company blog, The PR Lawyer.

One excerpt from Gina’s response to Calacanis’ blog post read, “Not all CEOs know the difference between what the media considers newsworthy versus self-serving hype – and for that reason alone, they should not all run out tomorrow and start pitching the media.”

O’Dwyer’s PR blogger, Greg Hazley, referred to Gina’s rebuttal in his own commentary concerning the frenzy in the Latest of Industry Attacks. An industry leading site, O’Dwyer’s PR Blog covers topics on PR, public affairs, marketing and the world of communications. To see Gina’s full response to Calacanis’ blog post, click here.

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