Thursday, November 13, 2008

Crisis in Dakota Reservations - Seeking Assistance

Posted by Gina Rubel

It was brought to my attention by my dear friend, Cheyenne of that there is a large storm Crisis in the Dakotas, and folks are in serious trouble on the reservations. According to her sources, "the seriousness of this hasn't made it into the main news. "

So some of Cheyenne's friends have been in touch with the folks on the ground in the Dakota reservations to determine what people can do to help.

If you are so moved to participate, please do. If you aren't or cannot, would you be so kind as to network this information so those who can will know?

This is the letter that is circulating:

"Greetings Friends and Family,

Just got off the phone with both Richard who is heading up the Black Hills Red Cross,
and Monica, who is working in the Incident Command Post dealing with the crisis in the Black Hills. I asked for a list of things most needed as there is no electricity and heat.

Here it is:
-lamps/ lamp oil
-food that requires no heating or cooking
-gloves, hats
-any other warm clothes

And for anyone who can, I imagine any stoves that could be sent with oil or gas, etc. would be greatly appreciated. Prayers and prayers circles also requested.

Thanks for any and all that can be done. Please network this as far and wide as you can. Time seems to be of the essence. They are so deeply grateful.

I do believe this is the "We" so many great leaders over time all over the world and in America have spoken about, and that so many of us have learned to live as we can.
And perhaps the opportunity to remember and keep remembering all the Original peoples here as we are able, will continue to allow us to become the world we wish to see.

Please send all articles to:

Crazy Horse School
Crazy Horse Rd.
Wamblee, SD 57577

It is important to send to Monica as she is working at the Incident Command, and keeping the inventory for distribution.

Blessings and Gratitude to you all, and thanks again Drai in Denver for putting this in motion and bringing it to my attention.

Connor Sauer
Santa Fe, NM"

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