Monday, November 03, 2008

Holiday Parties – To Have or Have Not

By Gina F. Rubel

Lisa W. Foderaro of the New York Times writes a great piece: Forget Caviar: Holiday Parties Feel the Pinch. Interesting. I wonder if corporate holiday parties are as necessary as they once were. Typically, they have been seen as a PR and marketing tool but they come at a time when our financial markets are uncertain and social calendars are too full to begin with.

While many companies are laying people off and not giving holiday bonuses, others are doing quite well.

I have personally surveyed folks in several service industries and have heard nothing but positive feedback from plaintiffs’ law firms, accounting firms and CPAs, C-level executive HR firms, physicians, and pharmacy executives. On the other side of the coin, nonprofits, pension and hedge funds, publishers, PACs, banks, business associations, restaurants and spas are feeling the pinch. I’ve gotten mixed reviews from corporate law firms, public relations and marketing agencies, advertising executives, business brokers, business coaches, keynote speakers, educational institutions, photographers, videographers, writers and technology providers.

I'd love to hear your thoughts. How is your industry doing? Should businesses continue the tradition of holiday parties? Should they cut back? Is there a more effective means of celebrating with your colleagues?

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