Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Neen James Gives Tips on Growing Your Business

Posted by Amanda Walsh

This blog post from Lauren Sullivan references a recent seminar held by the Central Bucks Chamber of Commerce. Neen James, an international productivity expert and Bucks County resident, shared some "personal touch" tips or her own to help you grow your business. Some tips from Neen James according to Lauren Sullivan are found below:

1. Finding a mentor: When you meet someone who you admire or would like to model your career after. I did this this past summer with Gina Rubel. We had met a few years earlier when she spoke at Temple University. We kept in touch and eventually I was able to start interning in her office, where I learned more valuable business and life lessons in person. This is not only a helpful idea for a recent graduate but also for those looking for a career change or just to expand their business connection network.

2. "Align, Energize and Leverage": This is a great tip from Neen. Focus your energy into things that you are good at doing. You will work twice as hard at the task because you enjoy it and it won't seem like work. You'll be happier and more productive at the same time. Any other things you dread doing, outsource them to others who enjoy them. You will have more time for the things you enjoy and be happier in the long run.

3. Network Efficiently: Let's be honest, no one at a networking event really cares that much about you or your company. The main goal is to find out how you can help them with their business goals. Be an efficient communicator and tailor your message for that audience. Present your business card in a new way- holding it face forward in your palm so it's easy to read.

4. Focus on your current clients: In economic times like these, focus on the clients that you're already working. Use past performance percentages and figures to continue to justify how valuable your services are to the company.

5. Last but not least….Don´t underestimate the value of personalized messages. Handwritten thank you letters, personal voicemails, small gifts are great ways to be remembered. Although I am an advocate of social media it is important not to forget fundamental roots of communication. These are the true ways to be remembered by clients and new business prospects as well. You will surely stand out from the rest by taking that extra five minutes to sit down and genuinely say thank you.

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