Monday, May 24, 2010

Introducing You To Prezi, The PowerPoint Alternative

Posted by Amanda Walsh

I'd like to introduce our readers to Prezi. Prezi is "an entirely Flash-based app that lets you break away from the slide-by-slide approach of most presentations. Instead, it allows you to create non-linear presentations where you can zoom in and out of a visual map containing words, links, images, videos, etc." according to the article, "Prezi Is The Coolest Online Presentation Tool I've Ever Seen" by Robin Wauters on

A recent New York Times’ article, "We Have Met the Enemy and He is PowerPoint” discussed the overuse of confusing PowerPoint presentations in the military. I don't think that the problem lies with PowerPoint presentations but instead the way the presenter designs them. Prezi provides the means to add a new twist to speeches, allowing the audience to stay focused and engaged in what the speaker has to say. Check this new tool out and be sure to add it to your PR toolkit!

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