Wednesday, May 19, 2010

KnowEm: Secure Your Firm Name in the Social Media Sphere

Posted by Katie Noonan

Gone are the days when a law firm, business or individual only had to worry about reserving their domain name on the web. Now with Twitter handles, Facebook fan pages, Youtube channels, blogs and the like, legal marketers are faced with the challenge of securing their firm's name and protecting the integrity of their brand on countless social media sites.

KnowEm is a great tool to help legal marketers meet this challenge. The site allows you to reserve your name on hundreds of social media sites. Simply enter in search terms, so for example we might enter, "Furia Rubel," or "ThePRLawyer," and then KnowEm conducts a search over 350 social media networks to see where your name is already in use. The service offers both free and subscription plans.

Even if your firm is still on the fence over whether to use Twitter, let's say, by securing your firm's name you leave the door open for future use and prevent others from squatting or scooping up your firm's name on it or other emerging social media sites.

Check it out and let us know what you think!

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