Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Story of YouTube Car: Using YouTube to Market your Brand

Posted by Katie Noonan

YouTube’s Show and Tell channel offers a unique way for users to familiarize themselves with some YouTube marketing best practices.

By following the story of YouTube car, users get an interactive tutorial of how to best use the site to market their brand. Show and Tell focuses on four main ways to market one’s brand, including:
  • Interactive Video: using high quality video and annotations which come in the form of text bubbles, notes, and spotlights which link to other content on YouTube throughout the video, marketers can better engage their target audience.
  • Brand Channels: essentially act as a customizable homepage for the brand where all content can be kept and shared. YouTube users can subscribe to the channel and receive notifications when new videos are uploaded.
  • Homepage Ads: this paid advertisement allows companies to promote their brand on YouTube’s homepage.
  • Viral Hits: probably the most illusive form of YouTube marketing. The goal is to upload unique content that users will share virally. If it in someway promotes your brand- so much the better.

YouTube is a major asset when launching brand campaigns or promoting a product. The Show and Tell channel offers some great examples of brands that have had success marketing on YouTube. In addition to those they list, I would encourage readers to take a look at Toyota’s Sienna channel and learn all about the “Swagger Wagon” (a video which to date has 2,471,465 views).

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