Friday, May 07, 2010

Video Usage in Online Marketing and Communications

Video is becoming a critical component in online marketing initiatives. A recent blog post by Jason Prescott highlights nine ways to incorporate video into marketing and communications efforts.

Some of the most easily produced and integrated methods are:

Short Corporate Videos
A company video, professionally produced, will engage your audience online in a different way than written marketing copy placed on a web page.

Video Product Reviews
Sharing opinions and discussing product usage is now a primary focus when shopping online. Typically found in written form, reviews on video enable users to visually show product features and enhancements.

Personalized Video
Segmenting your audience and speaking to them directly via video is a great way to focus your advertising and communication efforts on a target market.

Marketing Technique Videos
This type of video content can help establish and support thought-leadership in a particular area.

Videos in E-mail Marketing
These are very powerful sales tools if used correctly. When embedding video in e-mail campaigns, use an online provider that fully supports this service.

Videos on Your Website
If optimized and tagged correctly, videos placed on your website will support your company in targeted search engine results.

Click here to read Prescott's full blog post, 9 Ways to Incorporate Video into Your Ad Plan.

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