Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Happy Social Media Day!

Posted by Amanda Walsh has declared June 30th Social Media Day. This worldwide networking event was created to bring together social media users IRL (in real life) and celebrate the ‘revolution of media becoming social’.

With over 93 countries celebrating nearly 600 events, Social Media Day is sure to be memorable. Here are some ways you can participate:

  • Attend a Meetup near you to network and connect with other social media fans.
  • Watch the live streaming videos of other Meetup events around the world.
  • Follow SMday on Twitter and be sure to use the #smday handle in your tweets.
  • "Like" the Facebook page and share photos and comments

I’m attending a Meetup in Center City later this evening. For our local readers, in addition to the Philadelphia Meetup, there are also Meetups in Lancaster and King of Prussia.

Some of the other ways I’m participating are:

  • Following the event on Twitter at smdphilly. There are games planned for the event such as Twizzo, which is a Twitter spin on the classic pub quiz normally found at Irish bars.
  • I’m also using the hashtag #smdphilly in my tweets to allow others who are attending the event to watch the trending topic on Twitter.

I’m looking forward to meeting fellow social media advocates tonight!

For more details about the Philly Meetup and to RSVP, click here.

How are you celebrating Social Media Day?

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