Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Websites: Then, Now and Looking Ahead

Written by Lauren Sullivan & Laura Powers

Evolving Media: Let's face it, most websites built 10 years ago didn't look so great. For the most part, content was not organized well, navigation was confusing to the user and graphics were unsophisticated. Today, there is a higher standard to which designers and developers build websites and, because of that, website design, usability and functionality has improved immensely.

Websites have changed how we communicate, find information and share information with one another. Advancing from static pages and scripts, our online environment has become a publishing avenue from which content in blogs, social networks, chats, and forums are all interlinked together.

A website is a portal. Properly created, it gives the user an "experience" of a product, service or company. Here are few good before and after examples of popular websites. No doubt, you'll recognize most of them as they appear today and get a chuckle from their original appearance.

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