Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Headshot and Company Photo Tips

Written by Lauren Sullivan & Katie Noonan

Headshots and company photos are a great marketing tool either for use in corporate capabilities, company websites, social media sites and much more. Businesses and law firms should have photos that jive with their company's culture and aesthetic, but professionals in other creative or unique industries may want to use headshots and company photos to showcase their individuality and personality.

Here are a few tips for getting the best headshots for your team…

Dress accordingly. Make sure everyone wears clothing that is appropriate for the mood of the shoot. This means gray, navy, or black suits, crisp shirts (neutral, bold, or basic colors), ties, dress shoes and well-done hair and make-up. Hire a professional if need be for hair and make-up and make sure to do trial runs with this professional before the day of the photo session.

Choose a professional. A professional photographer is someone who is trained in framing shots and managing subjects for the best images possible. Don't rely on a friend with a digital one-shot. Hire a professional. Be sure to give your photographer lots of examples of images you like and be sure to include a few locations for the photo shoot.

Choose a location. A vital part of the photography mood is the setting that you choose. A lot of people prefer inside shots over the outdoor ones, but choosing a location in a park or outside your building has a lot of potential for interesting angles and lighting. Consult with the photographer on the location – and prepare yourself. Always check the weather forecast for outdoor shoots and have an alternate location selected in advance.

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