Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Looking Back: FRC Offers Timeless Media-Related Tips

Posted by Amanda Walsh

Over the years, my fellow bloggers at ThePRLawyer and I have passed along some amazing resources and shared lots of information that we hope you have found as valuable as we did.
Today’s post is media-themed and highlights a few tips from our Furia Rubel’s archives.

Television Interview Tips has points that are still relevant today. It is most important to plan what you’re going to wear for an on-camera piece. Gina cautions against choosing white, black, busy patterns or bright reds. Check out more helpful hints here.

Preparing Your Spokesperson offers techniques to help company representatives prepare for public speaking. The speaker’s facial expressions and tone of voice all play a role in their credibility. Gina also advises to keep answers short. This great post can be found here.

In a post called, Working with the Media, Gina offers guidelines for PR professionals when working with the media. She encourages building long-term relationships. Having a specific media spokesperson for your company or business provides a consistant contact person and helps foster relationships. More tips can be found here.

It’s amazing to go back into the archives and discover the relevance of our tips and guidelines even years later. It shows that informed, good public relations is timeless!

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