Friday, July 16, 2010

JD Supra and LinkedIn Launch 'Legal Updates' to Create World's Largest Legal Content Distribution Network

Congratulations to our friends at JD Supra. Today they announced that LinkedIn, the premiere social networking platform used by more than 70 million professionals, has added JD Supra's Legal Updates ( to its exclusive list of (now) sixteen Intelligent Applications (InApps), which also include Reading List by Amazon and Presentation by Google.

Powered by JD Supra content-articles and analysis published by legal professionals around the world-Legal Updates distributes a feed of expert commentary and guidance as well as legal news tailored to the professional interests of LinkedIn members. Currently, Legal Updates is the only application for distribution of professional legal content and information available on LinkedIn. It is free to LinkedIn members and available immediately.

The Legal Updates app will be the subject of an online demonstration led by JD Supra founder Aviva Cuyler, on July 22, 2010, at 1:00 p.m. ET/10:00 a.m. PT. Ms. Cuyler and co-founder Adrian Lurssen will demonstrate the application's more powerful features, including customized legal feeds on LinkedIn and the ability for users to recommend JD Supra documents to their LinkedIn contacts as well as sync their JD Supra and LinkedIn profiles.

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The benefits of JD Supra's Legal Updates Application on LinkedIn include:

- JD Supra's Legal Updates application empowers legal professionals to communicate their expertise not only to their own list of LinkedIn contacts but beyond to LinkedIn's entire network of 70 million professionals across a range of fields, including Insurance, Banking, Tech, Real Estate, HR, and more.

-With JD Supra's Legal Updates application, LinkedIn's 70 million members can receive custom-tailored, fully editable content feeds based on their industry and areas of interest. Real estate professionals get updates on real estate law; HR professionals get updates on HR law, etc.

-The JD Supra application provides a compelling reason for lawyers to join LinkedIn, and for those who are already members, a reason to more actively use LinkedIn.

-JD Supra Legal Updates provides the only searchable repository of professional legal analysis and information on LinkedIn.

The features of JD Supra's Legal Updates Application on LinkedIn include:

-Prominence: JD Supra articles are uploaded directly on LinkedIn and delivered straight to members' homepages.

-Custom feeds: With Legal Updates, JD Supra can deliver custom-tailored, fully editable content feeds to any of LinkedIn's nearly 70 million members based on their industry and areas of interest: real estate professions receive real estate articles; HR professionals receive HR articles, etc.

-Managed feeds: Users can subscribe to feeds in over 50 different subject areas and/or subscribe to feeds from individual JD Supra authors.

-Web 2.0 sharing: Legal Updates users can instantly recommend and share JD Supra articles with colleagues on LinkedIn.

-Library building: Users can mark articles as "favorites" and build a library of helpful reference articles over time.

-Information sharing: Legal Updates allows other LinkedIn members to see which articles you have recently read, shared, made favorite, and uploaded.

-Browsing/Searching: Users can perform a text search or browse the full JD Supra library of documents in all subject areas from within LinkedIn.

-Enhanced profiles: JD Supra members can sync their JD Supra and LinkedIn accounts, automatically adding their JD Supra articles to their LinkedIn profiles.

-Connection: JD Supra articles contain one-click access to any author's full portfolio of JD Supra content.

-Network expansion: Each article comes with a button allowing the reader to add the author to his/her network.

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