Friday, July 16, 2010

Jing Your Way To Employee Training

Posted by Amanda Walsh

Last week, I watched a video that Gina F. Rubel made to train the Furia Rubel team on backing up files in our time management system. The video displayed Gina's computer screen while she moved her mouse and opened files. Her voice was recorded in the background and she explained how to back up the necessary files while demonstrating on her own PC. I learned where and how to save the files within the system all under 5 minutes.

She used the program Jing to create the training video and I was blown away by what a great training tool it is for educating employees quickly and efficiently. While I watched the video, my colleagues were able to continue working on their projects instead of taking the time to work with me.

Jing allows the user to take a photo of their screen, record onscreen action, and share instantly on the web, IM or email. There is a free option that can be downloaded to your desktop and used right away. To read more visit, Jing.

(Logo credit: Jing)

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