Friday, July 23, 2010

Want More Retweets On Twitter? Here Are Some Tips!

Posted by Amanda Walsh

One goal for many Twitter users is to have their posts retweeted to increase their reach. I found this interesting article on and wanted to share some of the tips with our readers. Below I use some Twitter terminology. To read more about the lingo, check out Gina's Legal Intelligencer blog post, "To friend or Not to Friend – Social Media for Lawyers Part 4: Twitter for Lawyers".

Discover Hashtags. Some of you may have noticed others using messages beginning with # followed by specific keywords (ex. #journchat). These are called hashtags. They are very useful because other tweeps can follow tweets based on specific hastags. However, make sure to use hashtags in a strategic way and be careful not to overuse them. Others with similar interests will see your tweets and may choose to retweet your information.

Retweet Others. This may seem like a no-brainer tip but it’s true! I have found that the more I retweet relevant and useful information to my followers , the more my own messages are being retweeted.

K.I.S.S. As a guideline for many PR professionals in all types of writing, KISS stands for ‘Keep it Short and Simple.’ This rule is helpful in formulating tweets as well. It can be difficult to stick to a 140-character limit while including a message, shortened URL and hashtag. This is important when crafting useful messages however and the key to getting others engaged enough to retweet.

Use a Call to Action. If you retweet useful information, the easiest way to get others to share your tweet is to simply ask!

Back in January, my colleague Katie Noonan also blogged about some retweeting tips found here. Try these tips next time you’re on Twitter. Happy Tweeting!
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