Monday, July 19, 2010 Next Big Thing In Scheduling

Posted by Amanda Walsh

Although the name seems a bit deceiving, is not an inappropriate website but rather an innovative system for scheduling that aims to increase productivity and take the headache out of scheduling meetings and events both professional and personal.

From what I understood from the tutorial video on the website, can easily sync your existing calendar whether it's Google, Outlook, Lotus Notes, or on your Iphone or Blackberry. The best part is that you determine your times of availability and make those times public to those who want to schedule with you. Your co-workers or friends can then suggest possible times within your availability and Tungle takes care of the rest. Their suggested meeting time is sent to you for approval and you select one that works for you. Tungle updates your calendar and takes away your available time on your calendar and confirms the meeting with the invitee. Others don't need to sign up for Tungle to schedule with you and it also eliminates the possibility of double-booking your precious time. How easy is that?

I can't say that I've used this yet but it does seem like a new innovative way to easily fit in everything in your day. Just another tool to help productivity in the office, I'm sure Neen James
would be proud!


Jonathan Levitt said...

Thanks so much for the great post! Really appreciate your help in spreading the Tungle love.


Anonymous said...

Hi Amanda,

I saw your short review of Tungle and I wanted to make you aware of We are a business driven online appointment setting application that is specifically geared toward service providers; Setster helps you acquire, maintain and manage more clients. Love to see you do a direct comparison in a blog post!

Edward - CEO Setster

Anonymous said...
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Amanda W. said...

@Jonathan, Glad that you enjoyed the post.
@Edward, Thanks for the information. I'm always interested in learning about new tools and tips to streamline functions in the office or life in general.

Steve Lubetkin said...

Your readers may be interested in my Compuschmooze newspaper column about Tungle, which appeared in the Jewish Community Voice of Southern New Jersey. I also interviewed Tungle CEO Marc Gingras for an audio podcast.