Monday, September 08, 2008

Marketing Yourself Tips from Everyday Public Relations for Lawyers

Today we are featuring some tips from Chapter 9 in Everyday Public Relations for Lawyers about networking and marketing yourself in professional settings. These tips highlight what to focus on when meeting other professionals in various places.

Tip One: Your 30-Second Introduction
Some say you need them. Others say you don’t. I can tell you that I loathe the “30-second commercial,” but I know that it’s important to be able to articulate who I am and what I do quickly and effectively. Your 30-second commercial or introduction is a critical tool that needs to be carefully tailored so you don’t sound silly.

Tip Two: A 30-second commercial (a.k.a. the elevator pitch) is a short, concise, compelling and creative summary of who you are and what you do. It is used when you meet people for the first time and they ask about your business. It is used as your outgoing voicemail message. It is used by others who refer business to you, in your prospective client meetings, at your dinner table and just about anywhere you discuss your business.

Tip Three: What does this brief introduction do for you? It tells the listener about your specific, unique and impressive attributes. It allows you to appear more poised and confident. If done well, your introduction should invite more detailed and qualifying questions.

For more important tips on networking read Chapter 9 in Everyday Public Relations for Lawyers. To purchase the book, please click here. Excerpt from Everyday Public Relations for Lawyers, Copyright 2007. Furia Rubel Communications, Inc.

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