Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Neen James Shares More Ideas for Using LinkedIn

Posted by Amanda Walsh

Neen James, a Bucks County productivity expert, recently posted a blog entry about how to productively use the professional website, LinkedIn to expand your business network. I would say LinkedIn is like the “grown-up” Facebook although; it is used in the business world as an online display of your professional accomplishments in a resume-type profile. It allows you to build your network by sending invitations to past colleagues or business connections.

Marisa Veni, Furia Rubel’s Public Relations Coordinator, wrote a post earlier this year called Ten Ways to Use LinkedIn, guiding professionals to best ways to use LinkedIn. Since that time many others have joined the network.

Neen shares some tips for busy professionals to use the site despite their busy schedule. She suggests setting aside 15 minutes a day for 2 weeks to dedicate to learning about the site and establishing your profile.

Some other tips that Neen provides include using your Outlook to reach out to contacts. LinkedIn has the ability to search your email contacts (with your permission) in Outlook to see if those contacts also have LinkedIn profiles.

LinkedIn also allows for quick and easy introductions – whether it’s for you or for one of your network connections. LinkedIn allows you to make online introductions for others and also shows you other networks so you can see who could possibly introduce you. Recommendations from others looks great for your credibility and speak volumes about your skills and talents. Former colleagues can speak of your strengths and their past experiences of working with you in a professional setting.

Use the site to learn more about people you would like to possibly connect with, get a general idea of conversation topics to use when introduced. Don’t be afraid to showcase your own expertise. You never know who you could meet through six degrees of separation!

Neen provides dozens and dozens of networking ideas for LinkedIn in her post. Be sure to check it out her blog here.

On a final note, consider using LinkedIn if you do not have an account already. As they always say in business, it’s not so much what you know (although I think this is very important) it is who you know and LinkedIn could be a valuable tool to connecting you with dozens of professionals across the globe.

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