Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Cut and Paste PR Quotes - Public Relations and Media

As someone who constantly reaches out to the media for the PR clients of Furia Rubel, some of whom are attorneys, I came across an interesting blog by Michael Doyle. Doyle, a reporter in the Washington bureau of McClatchy Newspapers, says:

“Lawyers want to be quoted. Reporters want quotes. It’s E-Harmony…” He writes that “lawyers, law professors and their public relations allies are sending out information to reporters and embedding quotes that are piping hot for off-the-shelf use.”

I agree. And this holds true regardless of your industry. The press releases and all online correspondence should make it as simple as possible for the media to do what Doyle refers to as “cut and paste reporting.” It is a great way to spread any message, not just ones that are law related. In fact, when you pitch a story or have a comment that you want to share with a reporter via e-mail, be sure to include quotable nuggets (or what some refer to as "sound bites").

And, as you can see, I took quotes directly from Doyle’s blog and plugged them in here!

To read the entire blog, visit: http://mcdoyleblog.blogspot.com/

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