Monday, October 06, 2008

Word for Executives - 5 Tips for Senior Executives Whose Team Members Use Word

Posted by Amanda Walsh

Microsoft Word is a program that I use for a good portion of every day. Even with my familiarity with Word, I'm always learning new capabilities of the software. This Web site is a great resource for veteran Word users and novices alike, in any industry. It provides great tips for senior executives who may not use Microsoft Word as much as their workers. And, all staff members will benefit from advanced knowledge.

The top five tips from the site are:

1. Learn the lingo
2. Make sure that Word is set up on your machines so it works effectively for your team
3. Learn how Track Changes works
4. Be kind to your staff when editing a document someone else has prepared
5. Accept that most things work most of the time in Word

The most helpful tip to me has been learning Track Changes. I use this feature while posting blogs from abroad. After writing a draft, I forward it to my colleagues at Furia Rubel who are then able to effectively edit and send it back to me. Track Changes makes it easy to review the revisions.

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