Friday, October 10, 2008

PR Disasters Blog By Gerry McCusker

I recently discovered a great blog – Gerry McCusker’s blog is chock full of what not to do in public relations. His profile touts the site as designed to “help you avoid killing your PR career or crippling your corporate reputation by showing PR counselors and non-PR’s alike, how not to turn a PR job into a PR nightmare.”

He says the site “tracks the real PR cock-ups; the gaffes and howlers made by spin doctors, PR firms and the client organizations they represent while … offering a perspective on PR (mal)practice that, hopefully, helps you in your work.”

Bottom line – I like it. This one gets added to the blogroll too! Way to go Gerry!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the namecheck and addition to your blogroll, Gina. Gerry