Friday, October 24, 2008

PR Firms Can Be Trusted Consultants

Posted by Amanda Walsh

I thought this article from Keith Regan at the Boston Business Journal, titled "Good PR Firms Can Make Valuable Business Advisers" gave some good advice regarding what to consider when searching for a PR Firm for your business as well as the benefits of PR industry experience and a positive working relationship with the your chosen firm.

Typically when a business decides to consider working with a PR firm, they are looking for more than just a media expert, they want a trusted consultant. Especially in today's tumultuous times, a PR firm can be a steadfast partner that knows its clients' industries inside and out.

A good working relationship with any business advisor is a valuable asset. When beginning a search for a firm to assist with public relations, obtaining recommendations and reviewing client lists is a great starting point. Keep in mind, although a firm's existing portfolio is an excellent indicator of their capabilities in assisting with future projects, it is just as important to consider the ability to work effectively with one another. After a good fit is found, the PR firm can become just as vital as an attorney or an accountant.

In times of crisis or uncertainty, the PR firm can be a valuable asset to getting your message out but also as a consultant for internal issues like employee management (Link to my past blog) and communications as well. This is when the PR firm's industry experience and years of knowledge come into action. The article quotes Marcia Brier, founder and principal of Massachusetts' based- MCB Communications which has built relationships with reporters in order to become a valuable and trusted resource for them. Brier said, "The real key to public relations is contacts and connections, being able to have phone calls returned."

Companies like Furia Rubel Communications take those connections seriously. I loved working with skilled professionals in the office. I learned so much from the experienced women there regarding relationship management both with clients and the media. The client-firm relationship was always top priority and it truly showed in each and every project.

Regan's article includes a quote from PR professional, Greg Bishoff, which sums up the article."If it's done right, public relations should pave the way for any branding effort and support those other marketing avenues. If it all fits together, the message becomes more powerful."

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