Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Eventful – Discover, Promote, Share, and Create Events

More than 5 million internet users are employing a single outlet to increase their awareness about an abundance of local and world-wide events. Everything from concerts to singles events and even political rallies are tracked and shared on this new communal site called Eventful.

Correspondents for Eventful insist the site is not an “event planning site.” According to their blog, Eventful is “the best way on the Internet to discover, share, track, create, and demand events.” Since day one, Eventful's mission has been, in three words, to “maximize event discovery.” “Event discovery” is the act of discovering events that are interesting and meaningful to Eventful’s audience members such that they would then attend the event.

Eventful is a unique outlet in that it offers a “Demand Service.” This service empowers users to influence where their favorite performers, candidates, or celebrities schedule appearances in the future. Users create “viral grass-roots campaigns to demand them in their town.” Using the Eventful Demand Service, performers are capable of making informed decisions about where to appear and how to contact their target audience.

Along with MySpace, YouTube and iTunes, Eventful is an increasingly popular online marketing tool for performers, politicians and others. Feel free to visit the Eventful website and see if it is a tool that your company can put to use.

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