Friday, July 25, 2008

Journalists move into PR positions to answer media industry troubles

In this week’s issue of PR Week, Frank Washkuch published an article titled An Unstable Media landscape has journalists seeking PR positions. The report noted that while many journalists ultimately end up in PR, “the media industry’s troubles are causing some to do so earlier in their careers.”

Diane Lore, VP of digital media at GCI Group and former Atlanta Journal-Constitution features Project Editor, even helps to administer a “second life club.” Diane frequently circulates e-mails among ex-editors and reporters who are contemplating a career switch and regularly includes opportunities in PR. “The money is not there, and because of the constant filing for the online presence now, the pressure is so much higher,” she said.

Presently, prospective and current college students are re-thinking their decision to study journalism “because they feel the opportunities will be better for them based on what’s happening with print newspapers and other media.” Will Shanley, a previous business reporter at The Denver Post, added that “there are multiple avenues to make more money and get more responsibility in PR… whereas in the newsroom, you’re a reporter and maybe you become an editor, but it’s not like they’re growing the number of editor positions, for the most part.”

We found this recent occupational trend for Public Relations and Journalism professions and studies to be interesting. To read Frank Washkuch’s entire front page article, click here.

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