Monday, July 14, 2008

Speak Up and Be Heard- Tips from Everyday Public Relations for Lawyers

Here are a few tips on speaking up and being heard. Please see some of our tips and tactics below.

  • In addition to getting published to establish credibility and generate awareness, you can feed your interests while generating potential business by speaking at business forums, industry conferences, bar association meetings, seminars, universities and continuing legal- education programs.

    When you speak on a topic of interest, you are positioned as an expert in your field and can demonstrate rather than “sell” your knowledge, just like writing articles.

  • Often attorneys are just as stumped for a speaking topic as they are for an article subject. If that is the case, Take what you’ve written about and use those same topics to create something valuable to say. For every article you write, you can create a topic to speak about and vice versa.

For more important tips on using PR by speaking up and being heard, read Chapter 5 in Everyday Public Relations for Lawyers. Excerpt from Everyday Public Relations for Lawyers, Copyright 2007. Furia Rubel Communications, Inc. To purchase the book, click here.

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