Wednesday, July 09, 2008

New Rules for Experienced Pros

In the Career Development section of The Strategist spring 2008 issue, Robert L. Dilenschneider discusses the importance of experience in the realm of PR, stating that there is “no substitute for invaluable experience.” Dilenschneider is the founder and principal of the Dilenschneider Group, Public Relations firm where the average employee is older than 50.

Nevertheless, Dilenschneider acknowledges the ever-changing career climate and divulges new “power rules” for aged PR Pros. Dilenschneider says, “technology is an area that young people take to naturally and an older professional would do well to sharpen his or her skills.” He recommends professionals should comprehensively understand how to use search engines, blogs, iPod downloads or mass Internet postings.

On the other hand, Dilenschneider recognizes the downside of the recent high-tech revolution, sighting too many people with “minimal writing skills” who “do not take the time to think logically and critically.” Therefore, it is crucial to “connect directly with people” and to have the ability to “fashion information into a compelling story or argument.”

Mr. Dilenschneider has authored eight books, the most recent being 50 Plus!-Critical Career Decisions for the Rest of Your Life. Additional tips from his book can be found in Robert L. Dilenschneider’s article The New Power Rules PR Pros Should Know About.

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