Friday, December 19, 2008

Digital Holiday Cards - A Fun One from AlliedPixel

So, in keeping with my most recent posts about holiday cards - here's another fun digital holiday greeting from AlliedPixel. It's well branded, tells a story, clever use of technology, showcases their expertise in video and digital production, and is entertaining.

In terms of the snail mail cards, our team has received three so far that stand out. The one I referenced is a previous blog, one from Drexel University with a 3-D branded pop-up paper ornament (clever) and one from a colleague, Carol Cunnigham, of Cunningham Consulting, who used the products of ReProduct manufactures greeting cards and envelopes using environmentally friendly materials. They can be refolded and mailed back (no postage necessary) to be reused in the manufacturing of Shaw carpets.

Feel free to send us your nominees for the best holiday messages, digital or print. We'd love to hear from you.

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