Monday, December 22, 2008

How are People Finding Your Business?

Posted by Katie Noonan

More and more people are turning to the Internet to find information on businesses and services, which is great news for small businesses and companies with small advertising budgets. While in the past people relied solely on phone books or recommendations from their network, now, they’re utilizing Internet search engine results, according to an article on Small Business Trends online.

According to a comScore survey sited by the article, 31% of people are now using search engine results to find local businesses, while 30% are still using Yellow pages and White pages.

What this means from a PR standpoint is that businesses hoping to garner additional exposure should allocate monies to building a user-friendly, search engine optimized Web site that will rank high in search engine results.

This is also good news for YellowBook and other Yellow Page publishers. Yellow Pages are still among the top ways people find businesses they're looking for. And since YellowBook has such a solid Internet program, they come up in the search engine rankings too.


Dennis Yu said...

Not only are people searching more online than via the yellow pages (which is old news), but they're both initiating and ending their searches online. I notice that you offer PR services, but I don't see mention of PPC and SEO. What do you do for clients that request such services?

the pr lawyer said...

Hello Dennis. At this time, Furia Rubel outsources PPC and SEM but we handle SEO internally. As for yellow pages, I disagree, they're not "old news." Rather, they're offering new services that enhance SEM, PPC and SEO.