Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Presentation Tips from Apple´s CEO, Steve Jobs

Posted by Amanda Walsh

This article by Christine Kent found on reminded me of a class I took as an undergraduate at Temple University called Public Speaking. We learned about writing and giving speeches and the best ways to relate to an audience. One technique is to create common ground with your audience. Other important aspects to a great speech involve attention grabbing techniques and the ability to command a room. Kent’s article discusses how Apple Computer´s CEO, Steve Jobs manages to always give an excellent presentation.

During Jobs´ presentations he uses interesting images and large projection screens that make him seem very small in comparison. This helps to create the ordinary person illusion for the audience - Jobs is just like you!

Demos are also a great way to capture attention and keep it throughout a presentation. Jobs effectively does this with his computer models. The thin Macbook Air unveiling is a perfect example of a great demonstration. Jobs walked on stage and pulled the computer out of a manila envelope to emphasis its extra-slim size.

Jobs successfully creates high anticipation for the new product, and has a knack for holding on to details of upcoming products until the very end of his presentation. This element of surprise keeps the audience on the edge of their seats the entire time.

When speaking, he isn´t tied to his PowerPoint presentation. Many presenters fall into the habit of reading their slides word for word. Preparation beforehand will help the presenter feel comfortable with the material and prevent the need to read.

Body language such as hand gestures and facial expressions should convey excitement about the topic. Above all, Jobs always conveys his passion for his job during his presentation. The audience is immediately aware of his enthusiasm to share the latest Apple product and the presentation becomes more intriguing.

These are some inspirational tips to keep in mind the next time you are presenting to employees or a potential client.


Olivia Mitchell said...

The other effective technique that Jobs uses in his presentations is to divide his presentation into distinct parts - and then let his audience know exactly where he is in his presentation eg: So that's point no 2, let's move on to point no 3". You can find more tips like this at

simonr said...

Don't forget that Steve's not using *powerpoint* at all! :)