Wednesday, December 03, 2008

The PR Lawyer’s Pet Peeves – No. 1

By Gina Rubel

Okay – so I’ve decided to start a running “Pet Peeves” list on our blog. I find that there are so many little things that companies can do to boost their public presence everyday. Just yesterday, I explained to a reporter who was interviewing me about legal marketing trends – that every public communication should be treated as if you’re on stage presenting to an audience of thousands. Whether it’s a Web site, blog, advertisement, press release, seminar presentation, Twit on Twitter, status update of Facebook, or information on LinkedIn, we must remember that they’re all public communications.

So – today’s PR Lawyer’s Pet Peeve – Web site pages that cannot be formatted to print in a branded, efficient and easy to read manner – WASTE.

Today, I printed an article from a colleague (who will remain nameless) who is a “legal marketer.” The two page article printed on six pages and wasted my ink and paper! Why not just add a clean “print this page” feature to your Web site. Invest in your business and practice what you preach.

And don’t forget, before printing this blog post, decide whether it is necessary. Think Green.

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