Thursday, December 04, 2008

Top 5 Ways to Use Testimonials

Posted by Katie Noonan

Testimonials from customers are a powerful marketing tool and serve as an excellent referral to potential clients. Customers who can convey their satisfaction in a concise, moving or unique way will promote your business better than any advertisement or direct mailing could. Recently, a client asked for tips on using testimonials. After a little research, I came up with the top 5 ways to use testimonials, and wanted to share them with The PRLawyer’s readership as well.

  1. On your website. Place testimonials in boxes or in a sidebar so they stand out. If your website contains sub pages, place testimonials on a related page so that people looking for specific services will see testimonials that speak to your ability to provide those services.
  2. In print marketing brochures, newsletters, direct mail or in E-newsletters. Using testimonials in your print materials shows potential clients the level of service and expertise you’re capable of offering from someone else’s perspective which is often more powerful.
  3. As part of your E-mail signature. Whether it’s someone who’s been referred to you, or just a new business E-mail, adding a testimonial as a part of your E-mail signature with a link to your website gives potential new clients an introduction and may entice them to visit your website or reply to your E-mail to learn more. Note: This should be limited to potential new business E-mails only.
  4. In your office. If you meet regularly with potential clients in your office, ask providers to send testimonials on their company letterhead. Place testimonials in a spot where they will be visible, either framed or in capabilities materials that you can give to prospective clients.
  5. “What People are Saying…” page. Create both a print and virtual page. Keep print copies in lobby areas, in your office, and include copies with your print marketing materials and capabilities. Add the virtual copy to your company profile (not your personal one) on LinkedIn, Plaxo and Facebook and on your website.

When possible, try to use testimonials with Search Engine Optimized (SEO) keywords so that when people search specific keywords, your testimonials will come up in their search results.

Avoid putting testimonials on your personal Facebook or Plaxo account as both social networking sites tend to focus more on personal connections and socializing and less on business networking, but do incorporate them on your LinkedIn profile.

If you’re using testimonials in a unique way, we’d be interested to hear about it!

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