Friday, December 12, 2008

Yellowbook's New Ad Campaign Grabs National Attention

Posted by Amanda Walsh

The recent Yellowbook campaign launched by Gotham New York shows TV advertising at its best with a witty spot, titled "The Breakup." It features an attractive young woman who is video chatting with her boyfriend in her futuristic living room. All of a sudden, he drops the bad news, "This isn't working. I just want to be alone." as a scantily clad model appears behind him on the screen! Revenge is bittersweet and the young woman immediately hangs up and, of course, goes to She quickly scans the pages for an answer, "Couple’s therapy? Chainsaw? Pawn shop? Personal trainer?"

The best twist of the ad is the fact that the ending is up to the viewer. The ad drives traffic to where there are three options to choose for the ending. While at the Web site, they are able to see the variety of features Yellowbook has to offer, including peer reviews; which plumber is the best in your neighborhood or what drycleaner is the closest to your house.

The good news for me is that there is here in Spain so I am able to have the convenience of Yellowbook overseas as well! To read more about the review on by Bob Garfield, please follow this link, Open-Ended Spots Make It Hard to Break Up With Yellowbook.

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