Thursday, December 18, 2008

Tips to Stay Interested in Blogging

Posted by Amanda Walsh

This blog post from features some tips on how to stay interested in blogging and keep your content fresh. I found it pretty interesting because many people tend to get burnt out trying to keep up with the ever-increasing scope and volume of social media.
  • Take a break! Try writing less often. If you’re used to writing everyday, change your schedule to post every other day, or twice a week. If one day you just can not bring yourself to write, don´t. It’s better to post quality content than to force yourself to write quantity. The beauty of this advice is that The PR Lawyer has many contributors who post so I don´t feel pressure to write everyday. Adding other writers to a company blog may be an option for you to consider.
  • Practice pre-posting. Planning out content, and having it ready to go through the editing and revision processes to post at a later date is very helpful. I do this when I write blogs for The PR Lawyer. My daily schedule in Spain is different than what it normally would be in the States (we eat lunch at 3 p.m.!). Therefore, with pre-posting I´m able to write a few blogs at one time, send them for revisions, and post them later when I have the time. Keep in mind, this only works with non-time sensitive issues.
  • Don’t worry about statistics! Don´t write blogs with the only goal in mind being to reach as many people as possible. The beauty of the Internet is that one click can open so many doors. One tweet on Twitter can reach many people and result in Web site traffic. With blogging, it is more important to focus energy on great content and the Web site traffic will follow.
  • Think of your interests. Granted, a big part of public relations is having the target audience´s needs and wants in mind. However, in my opinion, blogging is a bit different. Writers need to comment on things that interest them. Blogging is less formal than other forms of media and allows for more freedom of expression. For example, I love writing about social media and international communication and make that the focus of a majority of my posts. Writing about your interests will keep you happy and engaged, and that will show in the style and effort you put into your blogging.
  • If you’re still having trouble, focus on another topic. Maybe it is time to for your blog to switch gears. For example, instead of always commenting about a specific topic within the travel industry, like honeymoon destinations, change your focus to European adventures. Be sure to check with your supervisor before making drastic changes, especially with company blogs. The bigger reason for shifting focus should be to keep yourself enthusiastic about your topic. If you are unhappy with your blog, it will definitely show in your writing.

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