Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Social Media Web Tracking Resources

Posted by Amanda Walsh

This great resource from Andy Beal at Marketingpilgrim.com is a comprehensive list of free online tools for monitoring social media. It can be hard to keep track of all of the social media sites out there, and even harder to keep on top of what is being said about your company or industry. Some of the sites mentioned in the list have been blogged about before on The PR Lawyer by myself or my colleagues, but there are some new Web sites that caught my eye. I’ve compiled a short list of my favorites that should be helpful for our readers in the PR and marketing industry:
  • Technorati is a great option for tracking social media. It provides the option of custom RSS feeds so you can track any blog that talks about your company.
  • Co.mments.com allows for blog comment tracking. This is especially helpful to make sure you are monitoring both sides of the conversation. For example, a blog could have a positive post about your company, while the reader's comments could be showing another view.
  • Along the same lines, Blogpulse.com tracks blogger posts by monitoring trackback linked to specific blog entries. For example, a negative post is put on an unknown blog and no comments have been posted. If a popular blogger decides to pick up this post, the news could spread in a second. Blogpulse.com can help you to monitor this type of situation.
  • Yahoo Pipes allows anyone to create a customized buzz monitoring tool. This Web site allows you to set up RSS tracking and filters quickly and easily. You are even able to track Twitter mentions of your company through Yahoo Pipes.
For the complete list visit Marketingpilgrim.com.

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